Programs and Services

Etiquette and protocol training will empower you to present yourself with confidence and ease, whether you are in the boardroom or the dining room, conducting business nationally or in the global arena, or you are entertaining clients or friends in a restaurant, the country club or at home. The customized programs will greatly benefit business professionals, executives and individuals for whom excellence is not the exception, but the norm.

Executive / Adult Division

These are some of the programs offered in the Adult Division:

* Business Etiquette
* Dining Etiquette
* How to Succeed in the International Arena
* Dine Like a Diplomat

For additional information on the Adult Division Programs, Click Here.

Youth / Student Division

The Youth Division includes these programs:

* Children’s Etiquette and Social Skills (Ages 8-12)
* Dining Etiquette for Children (Ages 8-12)
* Teen Etiquette and Social Skills (Ages 13-17)
* Dining Etiquette (Ages 13-17) and (18-22)

For additional information on the Youth Division Programs, Click Here.