International Protocol

How to Succeed in the International Arena

To succeed in a global economy, business professionals must be aware of cultural differences, styles, and expressions that are internationally non-offensive. In order to establish a relationship that will be mutually beneficial, knowledge of international protocol is indispensable in today’s global arena. Emphasis is placed on recognizing the nuances involved to meet the challenges when traveling or conducting business internationally.

How To Succeed in the International Arena” will teach you the non-technical strategies and tactics to compete in an economy that demands mental flexibility and alertness.

Become World-Class Competitive:

Pre-meeting Strategy
Rank and Status
Forms of Address
Business Card Savvy

The First Meeting:

Business Introductions
Eye Contact
Communication Styles, Conversation Space
and Gestures
Working a Room
Strategic Dos and Don’ts

Project Cross-Cultural Awareness:

Impress Clients and Counterparts
by Knowing Their Culture
Gestures That Are Offensive in Certain Cultures
High and Low-context Cultures and Time
(Monochronic / Polychronic)
Effective Gift Giving
Strategic Dos and Don’ts

Gain The Edge In International Negotiations:

You Are The Negotiator
Body Language
Effective Active Listening
Rehearsal Techniques

Present An International Image:

What works
Clothes and Accessories for Men and Women
Traveling Smart
Dressing for the Occasion