Dining Skills

Be at ease as a guest or host/hostess

A lot of business is conducted at parties and dinners, meetings that on the surface seem purely social. Knowing how to take advantage of the potential in these situations differentiates you from the competition, as you are at ease in such settings. Many professionals are not at ease in such meetings.

Savvy dining skills play a major role in the business arena today. Whether we realize it or not, good manners equal competence in the business arena, and poor manners incompetence.

La Rochefoucauld once said “To establish oneself in the world, one does all one can to seem established there already.” It is indeed up to you, to seize every opportunity to distinguish yourself and your employers from the competition. “Dining Skills” will give you a useful set of tools for those special situations where business relationships are developed and strengthened in social settings. A tutorial luncheon or dinner may be served.

Business Entertaining:

Accepting and Extending Invitations
Dressing For The Occasion
Host/Hostess and Guest Duties
Seating Guidelines
Receiving Line Protocol.

The ABC’s of Dining:

Place Setting Maps
Silverware Savvy
Correct and Incorrect Handling of the Knife and Fork
The Silent Service Code
Body Language and Posture at the Table
Difficult to Eat Foods
Forms of Service.

A Dining tutorial:

Styles of Eating (American, Continental and Japanese)
Dining Do’s and Don’ts
Tipping as well as many other dining tips to help you acquire the polish of a knowledgeable, successful person.

NOTE: Each participant is provided a workbook to keep as a reference guide.