Business Etiquette

Present yourself with confidence and authority

Today in the fiercely competitive business arenas, etiquette is simply another tool we need. While etiquette alone won’t get us very far, it will give us that extra edge that will make the difference between us and another person who is just as qualified.

“Business Etiquette” will empower you to present yourself with confidence and authority.

Communication Skills – The ultimate Business Tool

Present Yourself with Confidence and Authority
How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room
Handshaking, The Ultimate Greeting
Introducing Yourself and Others
Forms of Address
Eye Contact
Rising to the Occasion
Meeting people with Disabilities
How to Remember Names
Conversation Skills
Non verbal communications.

Business Arena Communications:

Telephone Savvy
Telephone Tag
Answering Machine and Voice Mail Protocol
Cellular and Speaker Phone Protocol.

Total Quality In The Business Arena:

Corporate Culture Savvy
Business Meeting Protocol
Compliments and Criticism.

Business Dress:

Clothes and Corporate Culture
Regional Dressing
Sexy Clothes Can Sabotage
Personal Props and Accessories

Practice To Achieve Success:

A Formula for Success
Conduct a Personal Briefing
Dos and Don’ts
Progress Quiz.

NOTE: This seminar includes role-playing exercises. Each participant is provided a Workbook to keep as a reference guide.